Hell’s Gates is an amazing Atlanta haunted house alternative and outdoor reality drama that will scare the hell out of you! It features eight scenes of a pyrotechnical, action packed, heart pounding nature that will leave you wanting to find the way out of Hell’s Gates! Your only hope is to pray to God you will escape! Can you survive what awaits…?

October brings many special events into play such as the corn mazes, fall festivals, Trick-or-Treating, and of course, haunted houses. One church in Dawsonville, Ga. is providing a haunted house alternative to the typical ghosts and ghouls found in the scary haunted houses that teens and young adults love to attend. For three weekends during the month of October, Lighthouse Baptist Church will give audiences a scare that is not based on fantasy but on what they believe to be reality.

Hell’s Gates is the provocative name that is given to this outdoor reality drama that takes over 150 people to produce each night and has cost nearly $50,000 to develop. 2011 was their opening season with over 3500 attending and this year the church is expecting that number to nearly triple!

The church’s pastor, Dr. Charles Blackstock, says that the event is quite unique in this area. He explains that each person becomes a part of the drama. They will enter into scenes that have real fires, multimedia special effects, and pyrotechnical explosions. Each of the eight scenes challenges the participant to consider the results of making life- changing decisions.

Pastor Blackstock explains that this generation more than others has many decisions to make and Hell’s Gates dramatically confronts them with the ramifications of their decisions. Dr. Blackstock continues, “We believe that youth are constantly exposed to evil and depression in society and this drama ends with the hope for a better life.”

You can go to for more information and to reserve tickets for the event.

Groups of twenty or more receive special group rate discounts. Hell’s Gates is located at 329 Harmony Church Rd. in Dawsonville, Ga. You may also call the reservation line at 888-295-0099.