Atlanta’s Premier Haunted House Alternative

Prepare to be immersed in the coming future. Experience the unfolding drama that is Hell’s Gates.

This hour-long shocking experience is based on Biblical Prophecy about the end of days complete with live-action characters, stunning explosions, and top-tiered special effects this is the once-a-year event you will not soon forget.

Are you brave enough to tread the outdoor path that will lead you and your group to nine different encounters with the prophecies of the Book of Revelation?

Hell’s Gates 2022 Dates

Three Weekends From Mid-October to November

Week 1 - October

Friday, October 21
Saturday, October 22
Sunday, October 23

Week 2 - October

Friday, October 28
Saturday, October 29
Sunday, October 30


Friday, November 4
Saturday, November 5
Sunday, November 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Hell’s Gates

Yes. Tickets are $15 but for orders of 20 or more the group rate is $12 per ticket. You will need to select a group discount ticket in the ordering process, of which the minimum quantity is 20.

Hell’s Gates will go on as scheduled even during inclement weather. In the case of severe weather the operation may be paused until the severe weather passes. Operations will be resumed immediately and all remaining time slots will be pushed back accordingly. There are no refunds and no exchanges given for any reason.

Hell’s Gates is generally considered Wheelchair Accessible, however, the drama occurs entirely outside and some areas are mulched. Hell’s Gates can not provide wheelchairs for our guests and can not provide staff to transport you through the drama. If you require the use of a wheelchair, you will need to bring one with you and also make sure you have someone to assist you through the drama.
We suggest that no one under 12 be permitted into Hell’s Gates. We insist that children 10 and under do not go through the program. If you decide to bring your child anyway, there is no guarantee they will be allowed to walk down the trail, and there are absolutely no refunds.

Because Hell’s Gates is based on a reservation system, we do not give refunds or exchanges.

No. Hell’s Gates provides no childcare and there is no access to childcare facilities on site during that time.
You will want to wear casual clothes with shoes suitable for an outdoor trail. Remember, Hell’s Gates is an outdoor event and you should dress appropriate to the temperature on the night you plan to go through.
We will allow you to walk through in the next available time slot WITHIN THE SAME NIGHT, which may result in an extended wait-time. Tickets will only be good for the day in which they were purchased.